On my way to Moscow to meet Putin 😝😝 just kidding! Of course for the Kremlin Cup 😁 first time in Russia for me so hope its not like in movies 😂😂 Wish me luck 👋🏻

Posted by Ouschan Albin on Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trainingscamp Punta Skala/Zadar - best conditions around the Falkensteiner Ressort. Had some nice distraction beside the fitness-training, by giving some interviews for the chinese Superstar-online App. Tomorrow off to the Hamburg, Billard Beckmann Open 2017, fighting for Mosconi-Cup points... Verein Kärnten Sport Sintschnig Autohaus Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera Predator Cues Jolsport Jürgen Radhaus Brenkusch radhaus.at Giant Bicycles - Österreich Intersport Team Kärnten Österreichischer Poolbillard Verband ÖPBV Kärntner Billard Verband Österreichische Sporthilfe Österreichische Bundes-Sportorganisation #falkensteiner Sportunion Kärnten Sportpark Klagenfurt

Posted by Ouschan Albin on Thursday, August 31, 2017

After a good 3rd place at the EuroTour in Holland I'm back at the table to try the new Predator BKRush Break Cue 😊 Looks awesome without a doubt 👌🏻 #PredatorCues

Posted by Ouschan Albin on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Managed to win first two matches at the Euro tour here in Holland against a guy from turkey and my buddy Jayson Shaw 🙂 wasn't a high class match but I felt really comfortable! Next match against Malaka Nikos at 3pm 😬 Wish me luck 💪🏻🏆🏅

Posted by Ouschan Albin on Friday, August 11, 2017

Trip ends for me in the quarters! Didn't really feel good during the whole match! Couldn't find my rhythm and a bad mistake at 9:9 gave him the chance! Anyway was a nice experience and hopefully I can come back in 4 years for World Games 2021! Time to relax 🤙🏻 Next tournament will be Dutch open in August Thanks to my supporters ✌🏻 Good luck to the rest of Team Austria 💪🏻👋🏻 #twgaustria2017 #theworldgames2017 Sportpark Klagenfurt Predator Cues Verein Kärnten Sport MOTODROM Sintschnig Österreichische Sporthilfe Jolsport radhaus.at Österreichische Bundes-Sportorganisation

Posted by Ouschan Albin on Friday, July 28, 2017